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About us

Environmental Responsibility

ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Policy.

Our commitment to environmental responsibility and the wider community is established with sincere intent and this is evident by our actions. We have an obligation to continue our business in a manner that minimises our negative impact on the environment and enhances our positive contribution. We do all that we can to meet that obligation.


reduce reuse recycle

We are reducing our the amount of wasted by implementing ISO 9001, 5S's and PDCA cycle to all of our processes. Beside making quality products we are able to turn waste into saving by:

  • REUSE - We reuse items such as paper cores, wooden pallets, large and small cardboard inserts. And at the beginning of 2008 we established a waste yarn reuse facility at our carpet factory and resell to the locally at low prices to helped the unemployed in the villages by utilizing the waste to make hammocks for their OTOP’s product.
  • OTOP (one tumbon (village) one product) is the Campaign that Thai Government has been promoting to local industry through the manufacturing.

  • REMAKE - from softform carpet we increase the value by making mats and automotive mats.
  • RECYCLE - everything else that we can't use, we SELL to the recycling factory.
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